Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: ANN: RhythmboxLIRC -- a program to control Rhythmbox with a remote control

Hi Oliver

fre 2005-07-01 klockan 01:11 -0500 skrev Oliver M. Haynold:
> RhythmboxLIRC currently takes the opposite approach. It is a silent
> process which I'm starting as a GNOME session startup program. When it
> gets a command from the remote, it uses Bonobo Activation to discover an
> existing Rhythmbox instance or to spawn a new one if there is none. When
> you press the stop key on the remote, Rhythmbox gets a signal to
> terminate. When you press play again, a new Rhythmbox instance is spawned.

Just an idea: Would it be possible to simulate the Gnome keyboard
shortcut events with Lirc? Many Gnome programs including Rhythmbox
already support these "multimedia keys" (play, pause, stop, next,
previous etc.).


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