Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ANN: RhythmboxLIRC -- a program to control Rhythmbox with a remote control

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 10:37:23PM -0500, Oliver M. Haynold wrote:
> Hi:
> My first shot at a remote control application (using the Bonobo interface)
> to control Rhythmbox with a LIRC remote is available for download at
> <URL:>.
> It doesn't do any graphical display yet. If Rhythmbox will export the
> playlist/music browser interface through CORBA in the future I'd be happy
> to add a cool set-top box style GUI.

I am planning to do this, but maybe only through D-BUS, rather than
both D-BUS and CORBA.  I can see a point in providing both remote
interfaces at the current level of functionality, but going much further
(exposing playlists, rhythmdb queries, and so on) with both interfaces
is probably going to be too much work.

Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to make rhythmbox spawn
processes like this one, without tying it to either bonobo-activation or
D-BUS?  If the remote interface is rich enough, this would make a decent
alternative to a traditional plugin system, with better crash resistance.


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