[Rhythmbox-devel] column resizing

I brought this up a few months ago and noticed that it is still in the
most recent release of RB (0.8.8).  If you try to resize the columns
in the main song list... well the columns lose the minds.  They jump
all over the place.  If I drag right, sometimes they go left.
Craziness.  The reasoning for this at the time was that the standard
GTK widget for the main list was subclassed to not allow horizontal
scroll bars because they don't look good.  So RB maintains its own
almost copy of that widget to stop this.

I submit that horizontal scroll bars are, while not wonderful, a
fairly common and well understood paradigm in modern computer GUIs. 
Jumping and jittering columns and having things (column bounderies)
move in the opposite direction of your dragging mouse are not.

I would like to suggest the removal of the custom list class and the
use of the standard GTK class for the main song list to alleviate this
problem and reduce the general amount of code in the world, if even by
a little.  I figure, by default RB would open up with the columns the
way they are now and the people that don't ever resize their columns
are happy.  And everyone else that wants to add more columns and see
the names of the songs can resize away and horizontally drag
themselves silly.  It'll be great.  Fun will be had by all.

Please take this into consideration.  I would submit a patch, but the
last time we discussed this it was brought to my attention that this
change would involve the changing of one word from the name of the
custom RB class to the name of the standard one so its probably a
little overkill.  Thanks for your time.


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