Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.9 feedback


William Jon McCann wrote:

Christophe, can we push this back to the mainline?

My current plan is to commit all the patches of interest in my playbin branch to test them, and to merge this branch back to mainline one day and then to start making 0.9 releases.
Currently, I have no internet connection at home, so it's not really easy to manage that :) I should get one this week though... The next step will be to start a feature freeze and to stabilize all that stuff so that an alpha release eventually happens.
I think the audio-cd and cover patches won't be included at first though they could go in at a later point. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the playbin stuff in my branch since it hasn't been widely tested, and to my eyes it's not complete yet (if rb uses playbin for playback, it should also use it for metadata reading and media conversion imo), but it has the nice advantages of being less code to maintain, and to make chained ogg work (virgin radio uses that for example)


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