[Rhythmbox-devel] Getting all songs by artist

I'm trying to hack on rhythmbox. I want to be able to drag and drop an
artist (album or genre too) to a playlist or anywhere else. I see where
I need to change code: add a text/uri-list target to all flavours of
What I don't understand is how to query the db about all songs by an
artist. Starting from the RBPropertyModel at hand: I gather its columns
are title, a string, and priority, a boolean.
Should I use the string to create a query? This seems inefficient, and
I'd need more info about how to create a query, in particular about the
sort_func and query arguments to rhythmdb_query_model_new.
I suppose the alternative would be to use some more efficient structure
available in RBPropertyModelPriv.

Documentation is rather sparse, I wish there were a bit more than an
arch-tag & the INTERNAL text; I'd have enjoyed some comments.


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