Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Longer seek control

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 21:32 +0100, Chris Seaton wrote:
> There seems to be a huge ammount of wasted space in the Rhythmbox GUI 
> between the seek control and the title, artist and album labels. Could 
> the seek control not be made longer?
> Something like this mockup?

The problem I see with that design, is that it doesn't work well with
long song titles or large fonts, because the title will run out of room.

> When you have a very long file (hours) seeking with that tiny tiny 
> control is very hard.

The "merge" branch had started some changes to the header. A screenshot
of what it had, along with a few additional changes I made (moving the
cover art to the header) is up at

There are three main things this did: make the slider much longer, get
rid of the clickable links and move the volume, shuffle and repeat
control to be below previous/play/next.

I personally think most of the changes it made are good because a) a
longer slider is handy, as you mention b) the clickable links are fairly
pointless and c) the shuffle and repeat controls don't belong in the
status bar. I actually think we need a better way to choose the play
order than those two buttons, but that's a separate issue.

> Could someone at least tell me where I could modify the source to change 
> the GUI myself? There don't seem to be any Glade files for the GUI and 
> poking around the source I can't see any expand property or anything 
> that obvious being set to control which of the labels or the seek 
> control expands to fill the gap.

Because it uses a lot of custom widgets, it isn't in a glade file, it is
generated by source code.

widgets/rb-header.c contains the song info & slider,
shell/rb-shell-player.c contains the main layout of that section.


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