Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Support for flash based mp3 players

On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 08:49 +0200, Fredrik Noring wrote:
> ons 2005-04-27 klockan 12:58 +1000 skrev Nicholas Gill (mythagel):
> > I am not suggesting altering rb's interface at all, only adding to it. I
> > envisage these kinds of flash players coming up in rb as another
> > playlist (see image) - the interface would need minimal (if any)
> > changes. When a song is dragged from the library to this particular
> > playlist, it is also copied to the device that backs it.
> I've made a similar hack for the MuVo V200 (without modifying RB) by
> simply creating a number of playlists with the prefix "MuVo" and then
> having an external script that reads ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/playlists.xml
> and syncs all songs in playlists matching "MuVo*" (see attached image).
> With a nicer way to tag a playlist as "Please export to MuVo", instead
> of needing the "MuVo" name prefix, and a built-in export function this
> would be neat I think. :)
> Fredrik

Yes, i've already written a similar program in c++ for my storage based
player, however i think this would be useful in rhythmbox, sililar to
what happens when you plug in a digital camera, gThumb pops up asking if
you wish to import the photos. I want rb to popup and show a playlist of
songs on my player.

I'm just making some changes to g-v-m now that will allow it to have
that capability (as analogous to cameras) for music players. I just need
to write the rb side of it, i'll start that later tonight (it will take
me a whlie) and give access to my arch repo so others can comment. It's
difficult to explain and so much easier to see it working.


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