[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Support for flash based mp3 players

> Flash based players are used differently. They are used to take some
> selection of a collection of music portably with you. I don't need 8
> days of music if i'm only listening to it on the train in the morning.
> In that case, i'm probably only going to need a CD or two worth of music
> from my collection, and the selection is probably going to change daily.

If the library is small you can just turn off the "browser" (which is
unneeded and would most likely show 1 or 2 genres, only 1 or 2 artists, and
a handful of albums).  So I don't think that having it show up as a library
rather than a playlist is a problem directly.  The only difficulty I can see
is that the order of songs is probably important to the user but you can't
reorder songs in a library (contrary to what you can do with a playlist).

In any case I see your point when it comes to 32MB players, but my 1GB flash
player holds 30 hours of 64kb/s songs, so managing it as a playlist
doesn't make much sense.


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