Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Support for flash based mp3 players

Hi Nick

tis 2005-04-26 klockan 20:26 +1000 skrev Nicholas Gill (mythagel):
> Sorry, i should have outlined the problem clearer. The flash based
> players that i'm referring to usually have VERY limited storage. They
> are essentially usb flash disks that happen to be able to play mp3/ogg
> files placed in a certain folder.

Some info on Creative MuVo V200: It supports multiple folders in the
root directory. Folders in folders are not recognised. The names of the
folders are displayed on the LCD, so it might be a good idea to base the
names on artist and/or album title. Product link:

> These devices don't have a playlist of their own, so when i said
> playlist i was referring to the one in rhythmbox.

That's right, Creative MuVo V200 doesn't support playlists as far as
I know.


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