Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Support for flash based mp3 players

Le mardi 26 avril 2005 à 16:07 +1000, Nicholas Gill (mythagel) a écrit :
> Hello all!
> I'm developing support for rb to automatically sync a playlist with a
> flash based mp3 player (the kind that g-v-m automounts). I have written
> a prototype as a standalone app, however i think it would be more useful
> as part of rb itself.
> The idea is to make it "Just Work". A use case may be something like: 
> "Nick plugs in his new mp3 player, rhythmbox opens with a new playlist
> named after the device. He copies some songs onto the playlist and
> closes rb. It syncs the playlist to the device and he unplugs it, with
> all the songs copied"

Fwiw, creating a playlist corresponding to the device doesn't work
really nicely with an ipod (which contains a library and playlists like
rhythmbox). Currently, the (read-only) ipod support creates a new source
for the ipod files. Fwiw, I've got some code doing rb=>ipod
synchronization at

> I need some input as to how this should interact with users. For
> example, if a user copies songs onto the playlist, should it copy it
> straight away, or should there be a "sync" button? Should rb eject the
> device after syncing? etc.

It should be done straight away (with a progress indicator, a dialog at
first is probably enough). It would be particulary nice if whatever you
do can easily be reused for other mp3 players ;)


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