Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Support for flash based mp3 players

Le mardi 26 avril 2005 à 19:07 +1000, James Livingston a écrit :
> On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 18:32 +1000, Nicholas Gill (mythagel) wrote:
> I've just had an idea, one that would go a fair way to solving these
> design problems: multiple RhythmDBs. First off let me start by saying
> that I'm not sure whether RB's design has had there being only one DB as
> an assumption or not, so this might be A Lot of Work(tm).
> You would have the library/standard playlists working as normal, dealing
> with music that is on your computer (using the normal tree/gda DB).
> When you plug an mp3 player in it would show the expected new source,
> but instead of possibly adding the songs to the normal library (or not)
> it would use its own RhythmDB (a mp3player backend). If it was a player
> that supported playlists (e.g. an iPod) it could show the playlists
> backed by the player's RhythmDB.
> If you dragged songs between sources that use the same RhythmDB (e.g.
> the iPod playlists above) it would work like normal. If you dragged
> songs to a source that was using a different RhythmDB it would copy the
> song. For most things this would make sense (i.e. copy to the mp3
> player), if you dragged one to the "on my computer" library it would
> have to ask you where to save it (or something).

Depends on what you call a RhythmDB. What the iPod source does is to
fill rb database engine (what is implemented in rhythmdb/rhythmdb.c)
with data it reads from an iTunesDB file (the binary iPod database)
instead of getting the data from a rhythmdb.xml file.

Dunno if that is exactly what you want, or you had something else in


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