Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Automatic Playlist UI work

On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 13:30 +1000, James Livingston wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 21:13 +0200, Oliver Lemke wrote:
> > About the playlist work you mentioned: Does it include column sorting?
> > I'm really looking forward to it, so I can even sort my favorite
> > songs. :-)
> I should get around to it fairly soon - adding properties is turning out
> to be relatively easy. Looking for a song to drag to the queue from my
> "four stars plus" playlist is *very* annoying when it has absolutely no
> ordering.

Same here. When building a manual playlist I always try to keep the
tracks in some order. But even there it is annoying if you have to move
a newly added song from the bottom to near the top of the list.

> I'm thinking that the best UI would be to add a dropdown list to the
> bottom of the editor with all the sort-by options, and once that works
> add support for clicking column headers as a shortcut. You'll still want
> it in the editor, because you might want to sort by something you don't
> have a column for.

Never thought about this. But, yes, it would be quite handy.

> The default ordering should probably be alphabetical,
> either by title or artist.

I would prefer sorting by artist but that's only a personal preference.
Not sure what the average user would prefer.

> I've made an arch branch which now has two patches in it; it *should* be
> identical to what is applied to the merge branch. I should be able to
> add the rest of the easy properties a bit later today.
> jrl ids org au--2005
> rhythmbox--autoplaylistwork--0.9

I have some trouble to check out from your archive. All I get is:

-=> tla get jrl ids org au--2005/rhythmbox--autoplaylist--0.9 rb-auto
unable to access URL: /~jrl/archive/.listing
webdav error: 302 Found

Any hints?

so long,

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