[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Rhythmbox and m4a

>> BTW shouldn't Rhythmbox recognize the files in any case (and display an
>> appropriate warning when encountering an m4a file without having m4a
>> support)?

> Not sure many people would understand what such a warning means.

Why would that be?  If they have an m4a file, they presumably have added it

> And one could argue that such a warning should be added for all existing
> audio formats even when they are unsupported by gstreamer just in case
> they get supported one day ;)

Indeed.  And I don't see why that would be wrong.  But a first step is to
warn about formats that are known to be supported, just not in the currently
running process.

In order to avoid spurious extra warnings, you could only put the warning if
all the files the user tries to import are unsupported.
The current behavior of silently doing nothing is not helpful,


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