[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Rhythmbox and m4a

>> Is there a trick to get Rhythmbox to play m4a files?
>> I'm using the Debian package (0.8.8) and importing a directory containing
>> m4a files doesn't do anything (it spends a little while saying it's loading
>> the songs and then none of the songs are added and no error message shows
>> up).

> You need to get faad and the gstreamer faad plugin (which is not shipped
> by debian). Marillat's repository may have libfaad, I don't know where
> to get the gstreamer faad plugin though.

Thanks.  Is this explained somewhere on some webpage?  Google was unable to
help me, even though it seems like it should be a common problem (Google
did show me some related pages, but not generally applicable, either
because they're old or because they don't include a solution).

BTW shouldn't Rhythmbox recognize the files in any case (and display an
appropriate warning when encountering an m4a file without having m4a


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