[Rhythmbox-devel] Minimized display

When I minimize the display with C-d, the window turns into a single line of
pixels which is barely visible and I can't seem to undo the minimization in
any other way than by carefully placing the mouse on this 1-pixel-thick line
and pressing C-d.  Even killing the application and restarting it doesn't
help because the state is saved in gconf.

When it first happened I had tried the option from the menu and had no idea
what was the hotkey (C-d), so I had to both "rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/rhythmbox"
and then kill the gconfd daemon, to finally bring Rhythmbox to
a usable state.

This is with Debian's Rhythmbox 0.8.8 and the ctwm window-manager (in case
it matters).


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