Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Arch repository with queue and coverart

On Sun, 2005-04-03 at 16:38 +0200, Fredrik Noring wrote:
> Hi Oliver
> sön 2005-04-03 klockan 16:20 +0200 skrev Oliver Lemke:
> > Is it really a good idea to save the cover to _every_ song of the album?
> > Usually people anyway have subdirectories per album. Just put a
> > cover.jpg or cover.png into that directory and rb will find it.
> The album title is saved in every song as well, and not in a special
> file the same directory.

True, but the album title is a few bytes whereas the album cover might
be easily over 100kB.

> ID3 pictures support more than just covers;
> pictures during recording, performance etc. may apply to some or all
> songs of a particular album.

For this case I admit that it makes sense. And if it is widely used,
adding support for it to rhythmbox could not hurt.

so long,

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