Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bonobo interface in rhythmbox-0.9

On Sun, 2005-04-03 at 22:30 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 11:54:15PM +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> > The bonobo remote interface is about half implemented.  It's in better shape 
> > than the dbus remote interface, though.  I've started yet another branch to 
> > bash it into shape, and I'm pulling in Jonatan's work on the dbus remote 
> > interface from a while back too.  I'll post details when it's ready.
> I've basically finished the reimplementation of the bonobo interface
> now.  The dbus interface is less complete, because coding to the
> low-level dbus API isn't much fun, and the glib bindings are either not
> finished yet or not in a widely-used release of dbus yet or something.
> There aren't any dbus clients yet, so there's no real need to get it
> working right now.
> The rhythmbox--remote--0.9 branch in my archive
> ( holds my continuation of Jonatan's
> work, plus minimal patches from elsewhere to get it to build.
> rhythmbox-applet works, and I've checked a few of the python-based clients.
> I haven't checked rbscrobbler or gaim-rhythmbox or
> $your_favourite_client, though.

I'll give your repo a shot with gaim-rhythmbox when I get some free

Is the plan for 0.9 to continue with the bonobo interface primarily and
then finish up dbus when the bindings mature?  I was under the
impression that bonobo was to be comletely ripped out in favor of dbus
but that was a while ago and I haven't been following too closely.

Jon Oberheide

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