[Rhythmbox-devel] Adding M4A's to RB, and "unsupported file" errors.

I apologize if this is below the normal threshold for the developer's
list, but I've been attempting to get m4a playback working with
Rhythmbox 0.8.5 -0.8.8 under Ubuntu Warty RC1 and need feedback before I
know whether or not I'm dealing with an RB issue, or an Ubuntu issue.

First, background:

(a) My m4a's work with gst-launch.
(b) My m4a's work with the Totem Movie Player.
(c) My freedesktop.org.xml file has been updated as has the database.
The m4a files show up as MIME type: audio/x-m4a in Nautilus.
(d) The error indicated below happens to me with the stock 0.8.5
gstreamer, 0.8.5 gst-plugins, and 0.8.5 rhythmbox which come with
(e) The error does not go away when I do a clean build of the three from
CVS source.

So, here is what I get for any / all of my m4a's when I try to add them
to Rhythmbox while running it in debug mode.:

[0x82319a8] [rb_metadata_load] rb-metadata-gst.c:560 (03:50:42):
ignoring file file:///home/loonytick/music/test.m4a with detected type
[0x82319a8] [rhythmdb_add_song] rhythmdb.c:945 (03:50:42): unsupported

Any ideas?  I guess I'm wondering if this is something as trivial as a
configuration change that I need to make, somewhere, or a non-default
switch I need to pass during a compile, etc.

If you have a compelling reason to believe this is Ubuntu-centric,
giving me something concrete to take to their mailing lists would be
helpful, because I'm in over my head at this point.

Any good advice is much appreciated.  I'm looking forward to getting
this working.


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