Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Evolution of the album cover support in rhythmbox

tor 2004-11-18 klockan 13:42 +0000 skrev Marc Pavot:
> Neither do I. I don't like to not know what I have on my disk and with 
> this system, you need to include the cover in each file and not only 
> once for the album.

You'd need to include album name, artist etc. in each file already to
have things working in Rhythmbox. Not having the cover in the ID3 tag
forces a directory structure where each album must be located in a
separate directory. Users and applications also need to have completely
different routines for e.g. fetching the album cover and the album name.

> But, this option could easily be added in the futur.

Yes, that's great. Most of the heavy lifting will be needed anyway so
adding ID3 support shouldn't be very difficult later on.


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