[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request for rhythmbox


I just started using Rythmbox and first I would like to thank the developers for making such a fine program. You can easily tell a lot of serious thought has gone into its design...I really think it has the potential to be the best music player program out there.

Here is a suggestion that would make it even better. Would it be possible to add the "Comment" field as a criteria to the automatically updating playlists? Having this field as a criteria would significantly enhance the utility of the automatic playlists for me, and for many others, I suspect. It would allow users to add keywords to the comment fields of their music files, and have playlists generated with much greater flexibility.

For example, let's take a song like "Lullaby of Broadway" sung by Judy Garland. I have added keywords like the following in the files id3 tag:

Harry Warren
New York City
Gold Diggers
Busby Berkeley

This would allow me to have automatic playlists for each of these keywords, plus whatever else I wanted. This is a capability that music lovers like myself could really make use of. It fits in naturally with the way people often want to listen to music...sometimes I just want to hear songs about New York City, or about Birthdays, or Sad songs, or songs written by Harry Warren, or songs with a certain number of beats per minute, etc. These categories obviously can all overlap, so using the comment field to hold multiple keywords seems like a good solution.

So, in conclusion, adding the "Comment" field as a selection criteria for the automatic playlists would significantly add to the power and flexibility of Rhythmbox without adding complexity to its interface.

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