Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Problem with encoding of mp3 tags

Christophe Fergeau wrote:
As far as I know, cp1251 isn't an encoding supported by id3 tags, the
best thing to do would probably to convert your tags to using id3v2 tags
in UTF-8 encoding... How does BMP handle those tags exactly?
Automatically, using a special function in the UI?

not quite correctly, but very usefully ;)

he has a convert-non-utf8-tags-to-utf8-with-the-following-encoding:


so, imho he tries to interpret the tag data as utf8, and if it fails, he uses the encoding specified.

of course that's not that much correct, because: id3v2.3: latin1 or utf-16 id3v2.4: + utf8

so below 2.4 you cannot use utf8....

btw. you mentioned to convert the tags...

is there ANY tagger on linux that supports the unicode aspects of id3v2 (read: is able to save non-latin1 data into the tags using utf-16?)



Le mercredi 03 novembre 2004 à 20:29 +0500, Gnome a écrit :

(Sorry for my English)
More of my mp3 songs are use cp1251 for
encoding of mp3 tags.

Beep media player have convert fuction for
this situations. Will it be in rhymbox?

With best regards,

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