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On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 13:14, Michael Terry wrote:
> You will find some new auto rating patches in my branch
> ( at 

Hm, I get:
walters@nexus> tla archive-mirror
webdav error: 403 Forbidden
walters@nexus> tla whereis-archive

> I'm not sure I did the merging-my-local-branch arch stuff right.  If
> there is a bunch of junk in patch-4, can someone tell me how to get only
> the changes I made to show up?

It's likely you just want to use star-merge.  Is patch-4 something that
is just bad and you want to revert?  patch-4 in which archive and branch
by the way?

> Changes:
> * We only auto-rate songs now, not iradio stations, since the algorithm
> only works for discrete chunks of sound.

Ok.  That makes sense.  I wonder if it makes sense to have a simpler
algorithm which is just based on number of times played.  On the other
hand, you already have the play count there, so it probably isn't that
useful to have the rating duplicate that.

> * The default rating for any entry is now 2.5.
> * There is a new property (RHYTHMDB_PROP_AUTO_RATE) that controls
> auto-rating on a per-entry basis.
> * If an entry's rating is manually changed by the user,
> * There is now a checkbox in the song-info dialog allowing the user to
> toggle auto rating for that song only.  If auto rating is turned off
> globally via gconf, the checkbox is insensitive.  This checkbox is
> largely designed to allow a user to revert back to auto-rating if he or
> she misrated a song.

All looks good to me!

> With these changes, I believe auto rating Just Works.
> There was some talk of maybe setting the default for auto-rating to off
> and having some UI for toggling that gconf pref in the preference
> dialog.  I argue that that would be unnecessary, merely because I think
> it is a small use-case we would be going for there.
> The only use-case in which we would want easy, in-your-face toggling of
> global auto-rating is if the user has a pre-existing database of
> hand-rated songs that they don't want being toyed with.  Because, if a
> new user just wants hand-rated songs, auto-rating will be turned off for
> each song individually.  So, is this segment large enough that we want
> to expose UI for the gconf setting?

Well, one thing you could do (I'm not sure if you've already done this)
is to allow the checkbox to work even when multiple songs are selected. 
Most of the code infrastructure for that is already there from the tag
editing work. That way, if the user didn't want their songs
automatically rated at all, they could just Edit->Select All, then
select Properties, and uncheck the autorating checkbox.  (The checkbox
state when multiple songs were selected would default to the global
autorating state).

This would actually give people even more power than the global checkbox
- you could pretty easily decide to autorate some of your music, but not
all of it.  We'd have to document this of course, since it would be
slightly obscure.

Another (somewhat orthogonal) idea is to have a dialog that asks what
you want, the first time you upgrade from 0.6.x.

> I guess the other use-case for disabling global auto-rating is if the
> user wants evenly-weighted random playing.  But, there is already a play
> order for that, right?

There is, but it's not exposed in the UI, yet.

Thanks a ton for working on this by the way, it's very cool stuff!

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