[Rhythmbox-devel] Patch question: downloaded music RBSource

Hi all,

I'm thinking about cooking up a patch for Rhythmbox and wanted to get
some feedback from developers and potential users before spending too
much time on it.

Motivation: When I download music files, they land in ~/incoming. I want
to play these files in Rhythmbox, but I don't want to add everything I
download to my database, because a) I won't want to keep some of the
songs, b) ~/incoming isn't where I store my music if I do decide to keep
it, and c) manually adding each downloaded file is sort of annoying.

The way I would approach the problem is to create a "Downloaded Music"
RBSource and add it to the UI. It would be pointed at a directory
(default of ~/Downloads maybe) and load all the music files found
therein. It'd monitor the directory for file creations / deletions and
update the playlist appropriately. A fancier version would maybe support
file renaming and moving the file into the "official" database in some

I think this would be a good solution and it seems like the right
technical approach. Any comments? 

[Please CC me as I am off the list.]


Peter Williams                          peter newton cx

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