Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Portable player support

Everything was merged in 0.8, I never tried to compile it in 0.9, that's
why it's not too surprising it doesn't work atm in 0.9.


> Ok, once if have the code for my player working, I might.
> I noticed you had a separate arch archive for iPod integration. Are
> you still doing work on this, or is everything merged in the 0.9
> archive?
> I ask this because the iPod code doesn't compile:
> RBSource *	rb_ipod_source_new		(RBShell *shell, RhythmDB *db, 
> 						 BonoboUIComponent *component);
> needs to be changed to:
> RBSource *	rb_ipod_source_new		(RBShell *shell, RhythmDB *db, 
> 						 GtkActionGroup *actiongroup);
> Bastiaan
> > 
> > Christophe
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