Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Portable player support

> * Starting from the iPod code, it is clear that a lot of code can be
> shared for different portable players. The generic code for polling to
> see when a player is plugged in, 

This should be done using the GnomeVFSVolumeMonitor stuff from gnome-vfs
2.6 imo instead of this ugly polling code. 

> loading the songs into the RhythmDB,

Makes sense even though the function isn't really difficult.

> ... can be shared, and some interface needs to be defined that each
> player can implement. Functions like is_plugged_in(), get_songs() and
> some struct for the songs.
> Is anybody already working on this? 

I don't think so, feel free to make the iPod code more generic if you
want ;)


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