Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox.h

John Russell wrote:
> My next question is, how does everyone keep all these cvs libraries
> straight.  I mean, I have glib/gstreamer/gst-plugins  installed (Gentoo)
> for normal system operations but having the cvs installed as well and
> making sure the rb is looking at the right version.... Is there an easy
> way to do this?  Are there other libraries which require the bleeding
> edge version?  Thanks for the help.

I'm curious about this as well.  The gstreamer FAQ has a script for
doing this which I currently use (see below)--I just have to run it
(gst-cvs) prior to compiling RB.  This makes debugging rather annoying,
though.  To do it, I copied the shell/rhythmbox script to put gdb in
front of the exe, and that works fine for console gdb, but I'd really
like to use Anjuta's integrated gdb frontend (or others).  Does anyone
know how I might accomplish this?


File: ~/bin/gst-cvs
#!/bin/bash -i
# set up environment to use and develop gstreamer from uninstalled
# this is run -i so that PS1 doesn't get cleared

# extract version from $0
# gst-cvs -> cvs
VERSION=`echo $0 | sed s/.*gst-//g`

# base path under which dirs are installed
if test ! -e $GST; then
   echo "$GST does not exist !"

# set up a bunch of paths
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$GST/gstreamer/pkgconfig:$GST/gst-plugins/pkgconfig
export GST_PLUGIN_PATH=$GST/gstreamer:$GST/gst-plugins

# set up prompt to help us remember we're in a subshell and start bash
PS1="[gst-$VERSION] $PS1" bash

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