[Rhythmbox-devel] Ratings feedback

In rhythmbox 0.7.0. there's a new feature called "Adaptive ratings". I'm 
finding it really annoying.  Problem no 1 is that newly added tracks seem to 
get a default rating of three, and that's too high. Problem no 2 is that I 
can't work out under what circumstances the program increases the rating on a 
track that's played - it seems inconsistent.  Problem no 3 is that if I rate 
a track I don't want the program to come along and change the rating.  
Windows Media Player, for example, has two ratings - automatic rating and 
custom rating - and only uses the auto rating if the custom rating hasn't 
been set.

The whole business of ratings is to allow the user to select tracks based on 
the rating, and for that you need to provide a rating selection criteria in 
the automatic playlist generator.

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