Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Update : Download and show albums covers

Thanks for your patch teuf :), I added it and I fixed some other bugs (I think that it should work better for you Baptiste.)

I also changed some things:
- I removed the no cover/searching cover pictures and rb only hide the cover when there is nothing to show
- I changed the aspect of the cover manager
- You can now remove covers

The rb_album_cover_load_xml_async and rb_album_cover_load_async
functions (and the various callbacks they use) are pretty similar, would
it help if gnome-vfs provided a gnome_vfs_read_entire_file_async
function (ie could such a function be used to simplify this code)? I
haven't looked at the code in detail, so maybe it's not that easy ;)

Yes it could simplify my code because the problem is that for the moment, if you call gnome_vfs_async_open + read + close, you can't specify at the beginning a callback function for the close function.

Finally, I think I'd just grab the missing covers from amazon at startup
without asking the user or requiring him to go to the cover editor.

The problem is that if some covers are not found on amazon, it will search them every time you launch rhythmbox and that is a lose of bandwith and it uses the CPU for nothing.

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