[Rhythmbox-devel] Using Rhythmbox with Musicmobs

Hi everyone..

I just wanted to share a little Perl script (see my web page: 
http://www.bryandonovan.com/musicmobs/musicmobs.html ) with this group 
that allows you to upload your Rhythmbox database file (rhythm.db) to 
http://www.musicmobs.com.  Musicmobs is a social network originally 
designed for iTunes users.  An iTunes user uploads their iTunes library 
file (an XML file) to Musicmobs, which then lets the user do a variety 
of network-type things, such as see what music they have in common with 
other users, see which users have the most in common with them, show 
site-wide data for songs, albums, and artists, etc.  It's a very 
non-obtrusive site.. you don't even have to submit an email address 
(although it has a field for one) to sign up. 

Anyway, I like using Musicmobs, but since I'm trying to ween myself from 
Windows, I wanted something that would work in Linux.  Rhythmox seemed 
to be the logical choice for a player, so I wrote a script to use with 
it.  A couple of things to keep in mind:  1.  This is the first perl 
script I've written.  2.  This is the first time I've dealt with XML or 
XML-RPC.  My point is that it is crude stuff and would benefit from some 
improvements which I hope to add later as I learn more.  For now it is 
simply something that works well enough for me to stop using Windows :) .

Please feel free to comment or improve upon the script.

Once again the script can be found here:


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