Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] OGG Custom field tags and rhytmbox

> However, as I have no songs with that track set (I see in rhytmbox it is
> possible to have) I would like ot know how you have named that tag.

Rhythmbox now uses GStreamer to read tags, and GStreamer uses TRACKTOTAL for 
the total number of tracks. The monkey media code (which Rhythmbox uses to 
get metadata when the xine backend is enabled) probably uses that too if it 
did what was suggested in
(several other programs agreed to use TRACKTOTAL too).

> Also, if anyone decides to build support for multiple genre/style tags,
> please contact me so we can work out a standard for naming them (would be
> really silly if I made it one way and you guys the other, and we both en up
> with noting >_<)

What do you mean exactly by "work out a standard for naming them" ? Can't you 
use several GENRE tags to achieve what you want to do ? 


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