Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Higher integration with the Cantus 3 TagEditor?

On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 05:57, Samuel Abels wrote:
> Hello,
> I am the author of Cantus, a free, GTK2-based tag editor. I have
> recently proposed Cantus 3 for GNOME2.8 inclusion and there have been
> suggestions to integrate it with Rhythmbox.
> Now I know that Rhythmbox's tag support is only waiting for gstreamer
> support to implement something like that. Now you probably do not want
> to add mass-tagging capabilities to Rhythmbox.

Simple metadata editing is definitely in line with Rhythmbox's goals.  I
recently redid the dialogs and some code to handle it for when the
underlying media frameworks do.

> > Maybe a good idea could be to add the possibility to select musics from
> > Rhythmbox, click on "edit tags", and have cantus show up with these
> > files loaded.

It looks like Cantus is an easytag-killer, and would appear to do quite
well at that.  But there's a pretty large impedance mismatch between
Rhythmbox's goals and what appear to be Cantus'.  Our main goal is to
make music playing and organization a really simple task for the end

The whole idea of Rhythmbox (I think anyways) is to get away from files
and just view "your music".  Rhythmbox doesn't even provide an option to
include filenames in the list.  On the other hand, the file concept
seems pretty central in Cantus.

Rhythmbox also tries to take away as much of the tech speak as
possible.  So you won't find the term "tag" anywhere in the interface,
much less things like "ID3V2".

In the bigger picture, I think Musicbrainz is generally going to be the
way to go, as opposed to expecting users to clean up their metadata
manually or based on filename.  As we've discussed before on this list,
what I'd personally really like to see is a separate Musicbrainz-based
metadata editor sharing code and UI with Rhythmbox, but tightly

Now, the above is talking about Cantus-the-UI.  I haven't had a chance
to look at the library.  I'd certainly have no objections to accepting
changesets implementing something like a metadata/rb-metadata-cantus.c
that supported loading and saving metadata via libcantus if someone
wanted to do that.  Ultimately though, Rhythmbox needs playback
capabilities too, and a full media framework like GStreamer seems to be
the right answer.

None of the above is to at all impugn your work - I think we just have
different goals.

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