[Rhythmbox-devel] Higher integration with the Cantus 3 Tag Editor?


I am the author of Cantus, a free, GTK2-based tag editor. I have
recently proposed Cantus 3 for GNOME2.8 inclusion and there have been
suggestions to integrate it with Rhythmbox.

Now I know that Rhythmbox's tag support is only waiting for gstreamer
support to implement something like that. Now you probably do not want
to add mass-tagging capabilities to Rhythmbox.

Thus, maybe there can be some integrations done.
For example, there has been a suggestion by Julien Olivier on

> Maybe a good idea could be to add the possibility to select musics from
> Rhythmbox, click on "edit tags", and have cantus show up with these
> files loaded.

On the other hand, Cantus could provide something similar to add files
into specific categories of Rhythmbox.

Some informations on Cantus:

* GTK2-based
* Full Plugin support
* ID3V1, ID3V2 (mp3/flac) and OGG (Vorbis) support,
  these are plugins that are NOT based on gstreamer
* Rename files by their tags
* Multithreaded
* Full I18N

The programming language is C++, the plugin API is C compatible.

The CVS tree is here:

...and API-Documentations are here:

I want to make clear that this is only a suggestion; from my point of
view integration makes sense and higher integration seems intuitive.

Comments appreciated.


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