[Rhythmbox-devel] [Fwd: Rhythmbox suggestions]

Hi there people,

I can't subscribe to the mailing list or access the World Wide Web right
now, so I thought I'd send these suggestions directly to you.  The next
list of items I think would improve users' experiences with Rhythmbox.

      * automatic file change detection (if I change a file in a
        playlist, it should be updated)
      * automatic file add/remove
              * added dirs should be re-explored upon startup
              * removed files should appear red
              * newfound/added files should automatically appear in a
                differentc color
      * use id3lib to store song ratings direclty in the song, and use
        its own database as a fallback for readonly files
      * automatic playlist editor that lets me edit automatic playlists
      * let me type an artist name while the artist pane is focused, to
        quickly find in on the list
      * a button that lets me empty the Search box
      * the links of the artist and albums that appear on the now
        playing strip should let me filter by that artist/album instead
        of going to the internet
      * selecting an artist should not deselect the album and selecting
        a genre should not deselect the artist
      * alt enter should open selected song properties. a now playing
        button should also open properties
      * continuous play: album songs should be crossfaded at the user's
        option, while continuous songs (such as a mix album) should be
        seamlessly played with no interruptions
      * property window should have a Play button so it can be used to
        organize music more quickly

good luck,
	Manuel Amador
	Jefe de I+D
	+593 (9) 847-7372
	GPG key ID: 0xC1033CAD at keyserver.net

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