[Rhythmbox-devel] "get information" functionality improvements, crack or gold?


I have some suggestions relating to the "get information" stuff in the 
status area at the top of the RB window.

  - Move the "get information" links in the status area into a "get 
information" submenu on the context menu for tracks in the library and 
playlist. This will let users select the album and artist name text for 
copying+pasting and also do queries for stuff that isn't the currently 
playing song.

  - Have an extra query for getting information on the track itself as 
well as the album and artist.

  - Allow user-defined queries to be added to the list. This is where 
the crack really kicks in, so it probably wouldn't want a UI. Just 
configurable via GConf or similar. This would let me query a track 
against my favourite lyrics web site, for example.

What do you all think?

Mike Gratton <jabber:mjg@jabber.vee.net> <http://web.vee.net/>

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