[Rhythmbox-devel] [REVIEW] Small display

OK It could be really cool and funny.

Unfortunately is not so small.... Too much unuseful stuff. When I switch
to small display a want something to see current song data and time and
a couple of controls just like pause/next/prev

Stop. Finish. No other.

Menubar? Statusbar?  I don't need them.

So another glade mochup.

Small, simple, elegegant and designed from Giugiaro.

Next review: main window. Let me analyze it well and deep
Occhi da orientale che raccontano emozioni
sguardo limpido di aprile di dolcissime illusioni
tutto scritto su di un viso che non riesce ad imparare
come chiudere fra i denti almeno il suo dolore



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