[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature Request + A gapless Question

Feature request: select >1 artist/album at a time.
For example, I have an album in Rhythmbox "Pink Floyd
- The Wall." It shows up as "The Wall (Disc 1)" and
"The Wall (Disc 2)."
It's impossible for me to select both of those at a
time; I can either select one of them, or select all
of my Pink Floyd albums, neither of which is a very
elegant solution for when I want to listen to the Wall
all the way through.

Question: is rhythmbox gapless?
Using gstreamer FLAC input with osssink (alsasink
won't work for me) the last second or so of songs are
clipped, and it sounds quite horrid on my seamlessly
mixed albums, i.e. trance mixes, Pink Floyd - DSOTM,
Tool - Lateralus, etc...

Is this a gstreamer problem or a Rhythmbox issue?
...or is it just because I'm using osssink with
ALSA-OSS emulation? All of my files are FLAC so it's
not a file issue for sure.

Other than these issues, Rhythmbox rocks! Keep up the
great work.

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