Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Holy CPU usage batman!

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 17:28, Benjamin P. Keating wrote:
> Hey Duders,
> I just emerged rhythmbox 0.5.2 (on gentoo 1.4) and it rocks except for a
> few things....  the CPU is hit like crazy when playing back music top
> reports it's rhythmbox... 

What is the reported CPU usage, and how fast is your computer?

We haven't really optimized playback CPU usage very much.  If you (or
someone else) is interested in working on this - I would first look at
all the metadata signal emissions in e.g. monkey-media.  There's some
g_utf8_validates in there and such.  Also, these might cause spurious UI
updates, such as redrawing the song display thing (which is quite

> but perhaps gstreamer(?)

That's possible too.  Try just using the gst-launch pipeline in the
README to see how much GStreamer itself uses.

>  and when I go to close
> the application there is lag... enough lag that the GNome "Would you like
> to kill this application.. it's not responding.. etc. etc"  prompt comes
> up.. (but then closes quickly after).

Is this during the "Refreshing songs..." stage?  If so...known bug. 
Actually, this bug had been annoying me too, so I just tracked it down
and squished it :)

* commited

Will be in 0.5.4.

> Any work on this part? I would love to  replace xmms with this application
> if it's kinder on system resources.

It'll be fixed eventually...faster if someone else works on it :)

> other than that, I <3 it!

Cool :)

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