Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rb applet

> Christophe, are you still interested in helping with this?

Yeah, I'm interested, I even started to export a property bag (with no
properties yet though), but I'm lacking time :( Hopefully I'll be able
to do that this week end.
Here is what the patch looks like for now (iirc it compiles, but I had
to solve a few conflicts some time ago, maybe I didn't retest it after
that). The "get_current_song_properties" method should probably be
called something like "get_player_status" and the property bag should
contain a structure containing info about the current song, as well as
the status for repeat/shuffle/playing/...
What remains to be done is to fill the get/set property methods, to add
the appropriate properties in rb_shell_current_song_properties, and to
emit a signal when properties change (I don't remember exactly how it is
done, but I have code to do that at home).

Hope that helps,


> Jon
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