Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Some suggestions

> I feel like these are different concepts.  Playlists are an ordered
> subset of the library.  You can start anywhere in the list, and once a
> song is done it moves to the next one.  A queue would be different:
> * if nothing is currently playing, you should be able to drag a song to
> the queue to start playing only that song.  Once that song is finished,
> RB stops playing again.
> * once a song in the queue has been played, it should disappear from the
> queue.  You would never want this to happen for a playlist.

* If you are playing a song and you drag another song to the queue
then it the song you dragged should be second after the song that is
playing. That is what annoys me the most about the current setup, you
have to create a playlist, then switch to it from the library, thus
interrupting the "flow" of the program.

> It seems reasonable that the queue could be a new source that has a
> similar implementation to playlists, with these two major differences.

Well having it as a source is one way. There are also anohter other way
I can think of:

* Have a queue list below sources in a resizable split plane. Should be
disable-able too. I don't know if this would complicate the UI too much
but I would find it very useful.

Unfortunately you are going to run into loads of problems that we ran
into when we were doing the UI back in the day. eg. what happens when
you've made a queue, and then go and double click on another song in the
library somewhere? is it added to the queue? If it is than that totally
voids the whole idea of a query based library...

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

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