[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.5.3

Hello world,

A new release of Rhythmbox is available!  
This is mainly a maintenance release, but it does have a nice new
feature or two.  We're working hard on a new scalable backend, which
should come out for Rhythmbox 0.6.0.  

Until then, see the download page to grab your copy of 0.5.3:


Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.5.3

* Don't save the library periodically [Colin Walters]
* Don't scroll the song view after double-clicking [James Willcox]
* New small display option [desrt]
* Restore tray icon to previous behavior [desrt]
* Correctly sync statusbar visibility on startup [desrt]
* UI improvments to playlist dialog and bugfixes [Yann Rouillard]
* Context menu for the Library source [Paolo Borelli]
* Make double-clicking on a source play it [Paolo Borelli]
* Don't require xine-lib CVS [Bastien Nocera]

New or updated translations:

Abel Cheung (zh_TW)
Christian Rose (sv)
Dafydd Harries (cy)
Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
Kjartan Maraas (no)
Miloslav Trmac (cs)
Mətin Əmirov (az)
Ole Laursen (da)
Predrag Krtolica (sr@Latn)
Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
Предраг Кртолица (sr)

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