[Rhythmbox-devel] feedback on 0.5.99

Here's feedback on 0.5.99, which I mainly use to listen to internet
radio streams:

- Sorting the streams by title has broken. Clicking the 'Title' header
  changes the direction the triangle points, but the songs are not
  sorted. The same goes for the "Genre" column.

- Selecting "View: Small Display" collapses the window to be about 1
  pixel tall, with no visible GUI elements. I see just the title bar,  
  the bottom window manager bar, and about 2 pixels of gray in between.
  To get the normal window back, I have to do "Alt-V" and then un-select
  "Small Display" in the window.

- It would be great to have some kind of "wait" icon when selecting
  "Help: Contents". On my system (500 Mhz), it takes 5 to 10 seconds for
  anything to appear on the screen. In the meantime, I thought my click
  "didn't do anything", so I clicked it again...resulting in 2 help

- Pressing "Stop" when playing a stream frequently (but not always)
  causes RB to freeze and need to be killed.

- When using RB to listen to streams, there is a constant progress bar
  in the lower right hand corner which is always stuck at 100%. This
  doesn't make sense. It would be appropriate to use this when the
  stream is buffering. Instead. a "Loading..." window pops up for this
  purpose, and this progress bar stays stuck.



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