[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox command line interface (CLI)/cd playing/scan for audio

Dear Rhythmbox developers,

First: I enjoy using your project very much. I have a few questions
about the rhythmbox roadmap, however.

Do you plan to implement a command line interface for simple actions
(i.e. play/pause/stop/forward/backwards) so that people could map those
commands in their window managers?

Do you intend to enable rb to play Audio CDs? right now it has to be
ripped before it can be played. (I have version 0.5.3)

Finally, do you intend to provide an easy way for users to either have
rb scan their harddrives for music or have them be able to select a
directory and have that directory searched?

Also, if these options are not planned in the near future, would it be
possible for me to create a second application that made rhythmbox calls
from outside the program? (For things like command line functions or
adding music to the library) I have no yet looked at the rhythmbox code,
so forgive my ignorance.

Thank you for your time.
David Tansey <djtansey@allforall.org>

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