Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Rhythmbox roadmap

> Am Mi, den 15.10.2003 schrieb Reinout van Schouwen um 17:31:
>> Hello,
>> A small translation question:
>> #: data/ui/
>> #, fuzzy
>> msgid "_Control"
>> At the moment I can't "live test" the GUI. According to WordNet,
>> 'control' has 11 meanings as a verb and 8 meanings as a noun. A little
>> clarification would be welcome. :)
> Control refers to the various possible actions like »play«, »stop«, etc.
> It will show up as a menu in Rhythmbox's menu bar.
> I translated it relatively bad with »Steuerung« into German since there
> IMHO isn't any corresponding term - try to find the pendant you'd use
> for real audio players' buttons.
> Good luck!
> regs,
>  Chris

given the way in which we use it.... and its usage in itunes, we should
probably change this to the noun.  Controls makes since as that is exactly
what is in the menu.

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