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It seems the distinction we need to make isn't a logical and/or one
necessarily its more of a IFF and IF one.  So each query in such a UI
should have the option that reflects this.  If we make this clear enough,
the and/or problem disapears.

So what I think would work well is a dialog that has a list of queries and
allows you to add and remove them.  Preferibly not in the style of
evolution.  IMO lists should never contain interactive widgets... it just
seems horible.  A thumbnailing type approach seems better to me.  Please
note that I use that term loosly.  What I really mean is that we would
have Text in the list explaining the rule that it represents.

As for what the user needs to be able to do when it comes to rule
creation, thats the harder part.

Something like this would work I think.

[Artist  <>] [Contains <>]  [your text here]
[  ]  Only include songs that match this rule.

where [     <>] is a menu box thingie and [  ] is a check box.

This seems like a simple way around what is a fairly complex UI problem.

Also, the string I used here for the check box is a little strange, I
couldn't figure anything better out while righting this email, but I think
it conveys my point well.

Just realized I really misread this email, but... my point still stands I

IMO the Match All criteria and Match Any criteria is still confusing.  If
we're gonna have the confusion, might as well have the power too :)

> All,
> This all sounds great, but we need to keep the interface as simple as
> possible.  Which is where the iTunes form sort of works and sort of
> doesn't!  I hate to ask, but what does  'Jamboree' do in this case?
> In previous mails there were a few examples, if we can come up with
> more, we should be able build the interface around these. Once we
> satisfy 80% of the needs, then the exceptions could be an 'Advanced' tab
> / section.
> i.e. Would I really want
> (Year = 1976, Genre = "Funk") or (Year = 1999, Genre = "Peruvian Flute
> Music")
> I might want
> (Year = 1990, Genre = "Alternative" or Genre = "Altern Rock")
> As an example I was going to look at the filter rules in Evolution, but
> am at work right now.
> Mark H.
>>  from:    David Scotson <>
>>  date:    Wed, 15 Oct 2003 15:13:16
>>  to:
>>  subject: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap - smart playlists
>> On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 14:34, Luca Ferretti wrote:
>> >      4. IMHO to use And/Or for every criterium is a pain and a mess.
>> Is
>> >         (A AND B OR C AND D) different from (A AND B AND D OR C) or
>> not? Do the average rb user know it? Better a simple "Match
>> all criteria" option.
>> If you could compose smart playlists from other (smart & dumb)
>> playlists, then you would only need "Match All Criteria" and "Match
>> Any Criteria" (i.e. all AND'ed or all OR'ed) but still keep power
>> users happy.
>> Breaking it into a seperate playlist would be the equivalent of
>> putting an extra pair of brackets round it e.g ((1970s and Disco) or
>> (1960s and Soul)) would be Match Any Criteria: in Playlist "70s
>> Disco", in Playlist "60s Soul".
>> I don't know if this is feasible but it would certainly be cool.
>> > I found an iTunes' shot for this feature.
>> Note that the iTunes' interface is dynamic. For example, you only get
>> the match all/any criteria option after you add a second criteria.
>> Similarly if you change the attribute drop down to 'Year', the default
>> comparison 'is' has a single textbox to type the year e.g. [Year] [is]
>> [....]
>> If you then change the comparison drop down to 'is in the range' then
>> a second textbox appears like so: [Year] [is in the range] [....] to
>> [....]
>> regards,
>> dave
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