Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap

> On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 06:31:29PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
>> The arch --mainline/CVS HEAD continues to improve, and thankfully
>> other people like Yann are pitching in and squashing bugs too :)
> You'll need to tell me again how to download from arch. :/ I tried the
> instructions from a previous message but the arch get didn't work after
> I registered the repository.  I better look at the arch tutorial again.
>> The major bugs blocking 0.6.0 are:
>> 1) property browsers don't refresh after deletion
>> 2) doing an "All" query should be faster
> I"ll see what I can do about 2.
>> Then there are at least two major features I'd like to see in 0.6.0:
>> 2) Smart playlists
>> little tricky, but definitely doable.  I think it'll be what I work on
>> next, but it might be a good thing to push to 0.6.1.
> I'd like to help on this.  I've been thinking of other ideas for smart
> lists that I want to address.  One of them is adding constraints to
> smart playlists.  Since getting my pocket pc I've been really missing a
> feature to be able to constrain a playlist by a certain size.  So if I
> want to copy a set of songs randomly by a certain genre, I want to also
> add a constraint that the size not be say 256MB.  Then I want to be able
> to export this list to any device I want to.

Limit based on time and/or number of tracks would be great I think.

> One feature thats missing is the ability to just copy songs on a
> playlist to somewhere.  This should not be hard with gnome-vfs.  But I
> think it's something I want to work on, on a private branch. ;)

I think this is done already... haven't tried it with the new branch(and
i'm on a mac now), but in the 0.5.3.x rb this was handled threw dnd.  So
to save the songs from a playlist, simply select all and drag to where you
want them.

> HIG UI discussions on how achieve the copying should be interesting. ;)

DnD seems fine to me for this... not very discoverable, but the people
wanting to do this are more than likely not your average users.  One
thought would be to output a directory with the name of the playlist and
copy all the files to it as well as a m3u or pls file.  As for the UI for
this... Music -> Playlist -> Export to folder  would pop up a simple
dialog saying what would happen and have a space to select where to save
it to.... a text area and browse button i suppose or something like that.

Implementation wise, all this stuff is trivial as we already have Save
playlist functionality. We would just need to copy the files via gnome-vfs
which is also pretty trivial.

>> totally of course on how many other people contribute and my
>> schoolwork :)
> hehe.  Not.
>> Can anyone else think of any other major blocking bugs?  Other
>> thoughts, opinions, etc?
> See above.
> sri
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