Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Misidentified, unidentified FLAC files.

On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 12:03, Theodore Reed wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 07:51, FM wrote:
> > Name:   	owner_of_a_lonely_heart.flac
> > 
> > Duration:	57:23
> > Quality:	Very low
> > Encoding:	64 kbpsMPEG 1 Layer III (Mono)
> > Location:	/flac/music/yes/90125
> > 
> > (etc...)
> > 
> > And when I tried to play a song, I got an error message like, "Cannot
> > find file type" (that's not quite right but close).
> The name thing is because GRip doesn't tag FLAC files.

It can, though it is not configured to do so by default.  I use this for
the flac encoder "command line" and it works well for me:

-V -o %m %w -T "ARTIST=%A" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%t" -T "ALBUM=%d" -T

>  If you want tags,
> try sound-juicer, or you can use metaflac to insert tags in files that
> are already made. (I still have assloads of untagged FLAC files from
> when I used GRip.)

I wrote a quick and dirty program at one point that tried to determine
what an untagged FLAC file was by using musicbrainz and then added the
appropriate tags.  What would be really nice is musicbrainz support in

>  The other properties issues are FLAC metadata
> problems that have been since fixed.

If you're referring to my FLAC work, that stuff should definitely be in
0.5.3 already.  I don't know what would cause the problems the original
poster is having.

WRT to the mime type; I've argued for a while that FLAC should be
audio/x-flac instead of application/x-flac.  Upstream doesn't seem to
care one way or the other (an email there went unanswered) and maybe
it's too late to change now.


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