Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Misidentified, unidentified FLAC files.

On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 07:51, FM wrote:

> Name:   	owner_of_a_lonely_heart.flac
> Duration:	57:23
> Quality:	Very low
> Encoding:	64 kbpsMPEG 1 Layer III (Mono)
> Location:	/flac/music/yes/90125
> (etc...)
> And when I tried to play a song, I got an error message like, "Cannot
> find file type" (that's not quite right but close).

The name thing is because GRip doesn't tag FLAC files. If you want tags,
try sound-juicer, or you can use metaflac to insert tags in files that
are already made. (I still have assloads of untagged FLAC files from
when I used GRip.) The other properties issues are FLAC metadata
problems that have been since fixed. As far as the "cannot find file
type", I remember seeing it once upon a time. It may have been fixed
along with the other metadata issues.

Theodore Reed <>

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