[Rhythmbox-devel] Feedback on HEAD

Hey guys,

I'm playing with HEAD at the moment and it's looking super sweet.

- Startup is totally instant - I can remember the days when rb would
take a minute to start. It takes a bloody long time to refresh songs
which has absolutely no noticable effect on the UI other than making the
status bar useless until it's done. Is it really necessary to tell the
user that the songs are being refreshed? It doesnt effect the program
after all.

- getting the following on the command line:
** (rhythmbox:10970): WARNING **: FIXME: guard from double entry

- Getting horozontal scroll bars in the browser panes

- Why are the "Artist" and "Album" headers gone from the browser panes?

- It's been mentioned but going to All takes forever, which is strange
concidering that rb in in All by default and loads instantly.

- Drag and Drop to the library and Playlists from nautilus is broken

- Even when dnd to playlists from nautilus worked, if a song you dragged
wasn't in the library you would have to drag it twice, because the first
time it would add it to the library, and the second time it would add it
to the playlist. I don't think a song should have to be in the library
to be in a playlist, and if it does then it should both add it to the
library and playlist in one go.

- It doesn't exit properly for me - no segfault, just metacity's kill
app dialog.

- I'm enclined to think that the compact mode should be a totally
sepporately designed ui - it just looks kinda weird atm - but that is
some thing that can wait

That's all i can think of for the moment

Good work everyone

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

E-Mail:	sisob_AT_tuxfamily_DOT_org
Jabber:	sisob_AT_jabber_DOT_org
Blog:	http://sisob.tuxfamily.org

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