Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Proposal for first-generation Musicbrainzintegration

> > I think it would be harder to explain to new users "Well you can edit
> > just one tag at a time from the properties dialog, but if you want to do
> > more than one, just shoot on over to this other application, rb-tagger
> No.  You'd say, "Go to Edit->Song information editor", or whatever.  It
> would pop up a new window.  The fact that it's a separate executable
> binary is really an implementation detail.
> I'm not dead set on this approach or anything.  I just don't want to add
> tagging at the cost of making the current Rhythmbox UI worse.

Exactly.  We went for months trying to get a ui that worked.  I'd hate to 
throw it all away and try to refactor tag editing.  However, if you think 
it could be done by all means help with the ui portion.  If it's 
acceptable and conforms to HIG then perhaps that might be the new 


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