Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

> There may be legal issues too, don't want to be too much like itunes.

Potentially so.  I believe the xtunes concern was more about the name 
itself, because afaik they renamed it and kept going, its just that 
their't that good. imho. ;)

> But there is still the problem of
> having the same button change from an action button to a toggle button
> when you change views.

This is true.  Apple makes it even wierder because the button keeps 
pulsating when its ripping or burning.  Or maybe thats considered making 
it more consistent...not sure.

> What happens when I hit burn on my 40 hr library? 
> if (selection > the capacity of a cdr)
> 	display.error.dialog

Yeah, okay, I give you that one. :P

> If you mean "click on a cd and click rip" then i agree

Right, that one.

> Hmm, I do like the idea of an "Add playlist button". IMHO this is a lot
> more commonly used than a lot of the other stuff we've agreed to put in
> the ui.

If its next to the shuffle/repeat buttons, its different because its an 
action and not a toggle.  Still, Apple does it, and I don't think it 
really confuses people...  I'm really not sure how to avoid this besides 
doing things that take up a lot more screen space (checkboxes, etc.), 
and the fact that the buttons behave differently doesn't seem to be a 
big issue in my unscientific tests.  Still, if there was a way  to 
indicate that the button  behaves differently (or at least space it 
slightly more apart) that might be useful.

I feel bad continually suggesting the Apple way, but in truth I like 
Rhythmbox because I'm looking for an iTunes-like Linux player...hope I'm 
not upsetting anyone. :)


Daniel Silverman
Web Jockey, Philosopher, Discordian

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